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What we do


Texific is a platform to develop conversational agents. Here the emphasis is on being pragmatic: building domain ontology and linking that to real-world knowledge bases.

Conversational Agents

We develop context-aware chatbots that are able to conduct purposeful conversations. The goal is learning about individual users and understanding their intentions better.

Voice Skills

We go beyond simple command-response interactions, to where voice conversations help users express their needs in natural language, and make decisions easier.

Why conversational Agents?

Because they make life easier

  • A Simple Command

    Is Not Enough!

    In many application cases, the user is not clear about where to start. A natural language agent takes the proactive approach by acting as a domain expert: understanding the user intention, asking the right questions, and guiding the users towards fulfilling their needs.  

  • Getting To Know

    The Users

    A purposeful conversation is a great means of learning about individual users
    rather than building a simple profile of user demographics and preferences. Some aspects present in natural language, such as sentiment, help the application's learning process capture new data useful in better personalization.

  • Handle Complex

    Decision Makings

    Agentive chatbots can be designed in a way that make the process of decision making easier for users. In complex situations, the agent starts with an applicable case and then asks the user for gradual corrections. As a domain expert, a conversational agent is able to break down the process of decision making and take user's hand in making a series of simpler decisions.

  • More Helpful


    Speech is our most natural way to communicate and voice-enabled devices are ubiquitous. Voice assistants are always accessible and create friction-free experiences for users.

  • They are the next generation apps!

build one

We will take care of the process

Either you want to build an Amazon Alexa Skill or just a chatbot you plan to add to your website, we take care of all the building steps. Data preparation, domain ontology and natural language models, dialogue training and management, voice interface connection, among others, are the tasks we specialize in.

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